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Group bonding and camaraderie are formed from the duress that hard work produces.  Navy SEALS know this.  It's the reason “WHY” we started our business in 1991. And from that small community in Decatur, GA...a movement was created! Our customers expressed how they were short changed as adults...how they wanted "recess time" to last forever. So from our former team-athletic and military history, we built a family of like minded-folks, who understand hard work, wanted strength and confidence, and in that process we've made it fun.

HEW is that one “bright” spot in your hectic day that you look forward to doing.  Throw in Competitions, Events, Clubs you can join, and Parties and you’ll feel right at home!  

don’t join a gym join a movement

3 - 2 - 1... go!

Humble Beginnings

In 1991 as the owner of Decatur Fitness Center, Matt Hunt started testing a metabolically potent workout formula. His formula had no name yet, but was a series of Functional Movements, performed at high intensity. In 1998 while dabbling in the extreme athletic sports realm, Matt met Airborne Army Ranger, Jono Senk. Jono pushed fitness beyond limits of what was normal and vomiting after intense workouts was commonplace. Jono introduced Matt to Navy SEAL, Don Mann, author of Inside Seal Team Six, another extreme exercise pioneer. The daily WOD you now experience came from those associations. In 2005 with 9-franchised locations, Matt was introduced to Greg Glassman, CrossFit’s™ founder. Greg asked Matt to consult as a SME ( subject matter expert) on how to open locations with systems for a successful operation. And that is the story of how HEW was born.