+ What is HEW?

HEW is a 45-minute, motivational group-fitness program designed to offer you highly effective and scalable workouts in less time than your traditional gym. Our incredible coaching staff delivers an amazing experience and you'll soon sense something special about our life-changing community. Through our unique mix of fitness, food and accountability, we take all the guess work out of it and truly make it easy to show up, work hard, and conquer your goals!

+ How do I book my first HEW class?

Just click "Start For Free" on any of the pages of this site. It is here where you will fill out the form, choose a location, and pick a time for your first appointment.

+ Where is the closest HEW location to me?

Don't join a gym, join a movement! We have 20 locations and counting all over the United States. To find your nearest HEW location, search our location directory found HERE.

+ What should I bring with me to my first class?

We do all of the "thinking" for you! All we ask is that you wear comfortable athletic attire and bring a water bottle, sweat towel, and a whole lot of energy with you!

+ How early should I arrive for my first HEW class?

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your first HEW class to go over your fitness goals, get you acquainted with our facilities, and introduce you to your HEW coaches.

+ How much does HEW cost?

Our rates and fees vary based on your chosen location, but your first workout is always FREE* (Local residents only. Certain restrictions may apply. Contact your location of choice for details or learn more about membership options here.).

+ I haven't worked out in a long time. Is this program for me?

You bet! The amazing part about HEW is that it is geared toward ALL levels of fitness. Even though you are in a group setting, everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace. Our experienced coaches will make you feel welcomed, encouraged, and will discuss any thoughts or questions you may have during your free trial class.

+ What movements will I do at HEW?

We take pride in our highly effective programming at HEW. Each class you attend will use a variety of equipment. Examples of our equipment include medicine balls, ropes, cardio rowing machines, boxes, dumbbells, barbells, rings, kettlebells, tires, and more! Furthermore, each movement has a progression that comes with it. This means that you can make the movement as easy or as challenging as you'd like.

+ What if I am traveling? Is there anything I can do to keep progressing while away?

Absolutely! Although we'll miss your smiling face in our classes, we've made it easy to exercise in a hotel room or on the road. Click here and receive 75 bodyweight-focused workouts to use while you are away. You won't miss a beat!

+ I have an injured (insert part of body here). Would I still be able to participate?

Of course! Our highly-skilled coaches are trained to offer you options (or substitutions) for each movement in your workout in case of a previous injury or setback. We promise you'll still feel part of the class, and all the while, still get in an effective workout!

+ I'm pregnant. Can I still do the workout?

We have many clients who continue to work out at HEW during their pregnancy. If you have been active prior to becoming pregnant, you should be able to workout at HEW with modifications as needed. We ask that you please do consult your doctor first. If you have never done anything like this before, and are already a few months pregnant, it is best to wait until after you have your baby and then to join HEW to get you back in shape quickly.

+ Do I need to pre-schedule my workouts online?

Absolutely NOT! One of the incredible aspects of HEW is that you do not need to pre-schedule your workouts in advance. Just find a class time that fits your schedule for any given day and show on up. We make it easy for you to get the body you want, through hard exercise!

+ I'm brand new at this. How do I learn all of the "lingo" that my coaches use during class?

We promise that over time you will learn the methods to our madness. But, in the meantime, if you'd like to brush up on your HEW vocabulary, check out this PDF download HERE.

+ What is a HEWman?

A HEWman is someone who enjoys the rush of an amazing workout; someone who is unconditionally "loved", accepted, and guided by a charismatic coach; someone who encourages others to crush their own fitness goals; someone who believes in hard exercise; and most of all, someone affiliated with the HEW community.